Christian Young Men Need To Be A Dangerous Threat to Evil


Back in July of ’23, my wife and I watched the movie called, Sound of Freedom.  For those of you who’re not hip to the film, Sound of Freedom is a 2023 American action film that stars Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, and Bill Camp. Caviezel plays Tim Ballard, a former government agent who embarks on a mission to rescue children from sex slavery in Colombia. It’s a horrifying tale based on a true story that everyone should watch, especially fathers. 

Speaking of fathers, one scene from the movie that had me yelling on the inside was the opening act where a dad allowed his kids to be alone with an evil whore who happened to be the front person for Colombia sex slavers. 

Yep, the clandestine wicked perverts had a faux company that posed as talent scouts for kids. The stupid dad, deaf to common sense, took his gifted daughter and son to a shady hotel and passed his kids off to Satan’s sister who told the feckless father he could return to get them at 7 pm. When he returned, they’d been kidnapped and were on their way to be systematically raped five-plus times per day for the next ten years or so. The demonic things that happened to that little girl and her younger brother would’ve never occurred if the dad had a well-tuned bullcrap detector. 

Young man: Here’s something for you to jot down for future use. When you finally reproduce and someone wants to take your precious child for whatever reason and you don’t know who the heck they are, and/or you have not thoroughly vetted them, you tell said person to go pound sand. I don’t care if it’s a frickin’ angel, or a teacher, or a pastor, or some sexy Colombian hoochie mama promising you the moon and New York City. Your answer should always and definitively be a big whopping, “No!” Remember this maxim when it comes to trusting other people with your children, “When in doubt, don’t.” Capisce

Last Father’s Day, my daughter sent me a video of a man commenting on an interview he’d seen with a convicted child predator. The interviewer asked the evil Uncle Ernie what sort of characteristics he looked for in a child before he targeted them for kidnapping and rape. The lecherous loser stated that there wasn’t a particular trait he looked for in the kid but within the victim’s family. If the child had a dad whom the predator deemed a threat, he stayed away. If he saw the dad as disengaged and clueless, a veritable wussified pushover, then he went in for the kill, literally. 

Here’s another thing you’ll never hear in your unmanly youth group: As a man of God and as a father, friend, brother, and uncle you need to be a dangerous threat to all that which is unholy, unjust and not good. Yes, Dinky you need to be a good Christian who’s very dangerous to wicked people who seek to harm your loved ones. Make certain that your family knows that you will protect them with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and with lethal force if need be. 

All the aforementioned protective prowess used to be commonplace within the male collective since the dawn of time. Nobody really had to tell young males to cowboy up and play the man. It was modeled by his forebears and was expected of him. However, nowadays it’s necessary, especially within the church, to goad males to manhood because Christian males have become evanjellyfish. 

For instance … back in the caveman days, if some cave dude from some other tribe tried to steal a man’s brontosaurus ribs, or the wheel he just invented, or his cavewoman, or they tried to harm his snaggle-toothed cave brood, the man under attack would find the nearest pterodactyl bone and commence beating the living crap out of said thievish cave thug. And he would usually beat the moron to death. Like in splat. If he didn’t kill the cave thug, he would’ve definitely left one of those massive, cartoon-sized lumps on their head.

The aforementioned was what was considered normal for men up until the 1960s when the man-haters began the systematic emasculation of the male collective, trying to eradicate any and all semblance of this primal, protective funk from their constituent junk and turn them into a squealy, 21st-century hipster liberal.

Indeed, primitive man understood that to him belongs the responsibility not only to provide for himself and his family, but also the duty of beating the fajitas out of any man or animal that threatened his familia’s existence.

The men who had this protective prowess; who did not curl up in the corner of their cave in the fetal position behind a stalagmite, suck their thumbs, and wet their hamster loincloths were the ones who were afforded the right to propagate.

Yep, the primal man did not need to rely on The Cave Police Department, or The Cave National Guard, or Brinks Cave Security Systems.

Oh, heck no. Check it out…

He was the front line of defense. He was there to jack you up. He was the first responder. He was the security system. He was the standing army. He was the cop on duty.

It was his job to protect everyone, everywhere, and at all times, and God help the dufus if they transgressed or trespassed on that which was under his care.

Now, fast forward several million years to now and the ubiquitous prissy males who’d run screaming like… well… a prissy male when serious crud hits the fan in their presence. 

No doubt, one of the many sad things about our nation’s multitudinous, iPostured, twenty-something males is that a great swath of them don’t know how to protect themselves, much less their girlfriends or wives or their poor kids, should things go to hell in a handbasket.

A true dude will beat the bejeezus out of someone who forcibly threatens his family.

A true man will double-tap the center mass of any jackass that seeks to hurt or harm loved ones and innocent people.

Ergo, young Christian male, more than likely, you’re going to be a dad someday and you’re in charge of your kids spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing. Very few blogs or books for Christian young males exhort them to be protectors of their loved ones. This blog and my latest book, LIONHEARTED: Making Young Christian Males Rowdy Biblical Men, shall not be one of those impractical and too spiritual rags. Our world has morphed into Thunderdome, young man. So, be the apocalyptic warlord God has called you to be. 

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